Rules and Charges

Camping Price Table 2023

Fishing Price Table 2023

Henfold Lakes Leisure Limited Rules

You may start fishing on arrival and the bailiff will collect at regular visits.


All fish must be returned to the lake immediately.

Night fishing strictly by appointment only. 48 hours notice required.

Your welcome to take pictures of your catches but please keep the fish close to the ground.

Please take time to read the rules of the fishery before starting. Anyone disobeying the rules will be asked to leave without refund.

It is essential to hold a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence. Please also note due to limited space no more than 2 rods

  • Barbless hooks only - micro barbs are not to be used.
  • No keep nets to be used and no fish to be kept in any containers whatsoever. (Unless in Match Competitions)
  • No more than 1kg of ground bait to be used per angler.
  • One landing net and unhooking mat per swim.
  • Anglers must ensure their swim is clear of litter before commencing fishing, and on departure. (any unwanted tackle i.e fishing line, hooks, split shot etc. are to be disposed of correctly and not left in the swims or on the banks. We care for our wildlife and do not wish anglers to jeopardise the environment.)
  • All fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible.
  • All fish must be handled with care and not lifted more than 18” above the ground.
  • No radios to be played on the banks, although personal appliances (ipods) with headphones are acceptable
  • No excess baits to be thrown into the lakes on departure – please use the bins provided or take it home
  • Bicycles and cars to be left in the car park – with exception of disabled persons who with prior permission may park at certain points. Please display disabled badges at all times. (*Applies to fishing only)
  • Juniors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • No BBQ’s on lake bank
  • Catch & Release only, fish to be returned (carefully, not thrown) back into the lake
  • No cars on the lake banks or on any grass.
  • No BBQ or cooking near the lake side.
  • No Bait boats or drones.
  • Anyone causing damage to the property, including plants, will be told to leave.

The Environmental Agency visit this fishery regularly to check licences and will issue fines for unattended rods.

We hope these rules will make you enjoy your time here Thank You

The Management